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Intro About Myself
I was born in Taiwan but I moved to America in my early teens. I graduated from USC (University of Southern California~ GO TROJANS!). I also have a beautiful wife and a kid is on the way :P. My Dad is the most creative and the coolest while my Mom likes to nag and remind us the same thing 10 times a day (ha J/K love you Mom!). We also have a cute dog named "Mei-Mei". She not only eats her dog food but she also likes to eat vegetables.
My BTTF.com forum name is "FuturistiQ". My DJ name is M-1. I enjoy all kinds of stuff: Japanese animation (Ninja scroll) & comics (Dr. Slump, Dragonball), old school cartoon: Tom & Jerry, any old Disney or Merry Melodies cartoon, He-man, Gatchaman, Galaxy rangers, Thundercats, Voltrons, M.A.S.K., MJ (RIP), Hip-hop (Wu-tang, Mobb Deep, Outkast, Frankenstein, Giant panda, Time machine), R&b (Mint condition, Hi-Five, Silk...etc), singing, dancing, basketball, movies, travel, filming & editing...etc.
My Passion For Back To The Future Trilogy
Ever since I saw Back to the future when I was 9, I knew that this is the BEST movie ever made. I also saw Part II & Part III in the theater when they first came out. This is by far the best trilogy (sorry Indy:p). When I was thirteen I would play songs from the soundtrack and imagine that I was on a Hoverboard just cruising. Then I would hop on a skateboard and try to imitate Marty just like everyone else. I started collecting ever since I fell in love with the movies. From souvenirs, posters to real screen used props (I even have an old Taiwanese Back to the future flyer written in Mandarin from 1985), I really enjoy collecting stuff from the trilogy. Of course it costs me a fortune too. But I collect because I love the trilogy. There won't be another trilogy like this and movies nowadays don't have any originality anymore. Back in 2003 I made a site called "bttf2theinfinite.com" with a Mattel hoverboard layout and I think most of you enjoyed it.
My Passion For Music
I love all kinds of music (Hip hop, r&b, punk, rock, freestyle, Chinese...etc). I love dancing and singing. I am a DJ/ Turntablist since 1997. I love scratching. I only spin vinyls. I understand that mp3 is the new trend and it's easier but no matter what they say, vinyls' sound quality is way better and more authentic so you are actually playing "music". Most of today's music is too commercialized and not original anymore. I was lucky enough to be born in the late 70's because not only did I enjoy the best cartoon from the 80's (He-man, Thundercats, Galaxy rangers, Voltrons, M.A.S.K...etc) when I was a child, but music was also at its best around the 90's when I was a teenager. Many people agree that Hip-hop's golden age was around early 90's. Music used to be fun but now it's all about making money~sigh~ Anyway here is a video of me skratching:
My Passion For He-Man
I grew up with He-man cartoon. I used to have lots of He-man action figures but after I moved to America my mom just threw them away. I also collect the new modern 200x series. I think the 2002 He-man cartoon and toys are way better than the original. I still have the Eternia playset.
I am currently teaching preschool in Taiwan and I got them into He-man. It is so funny to see kids doing the impression of He-man: "By the power of Grayskull, I have the powerrr!". Check out this video I made (
Watch it in HD!):
My View Towards Life
Life is transient. Nobody knows what will happen to you next year, next month or next minute. We shall take one day at a time and live the moment. We shall maintain a calmed mind and let it not to be affected by others since everything in this world is impermanent. The only thing constant in this world is that everything is changing. To pursuit real happiness we shall look into ourselves, not outside.

"If there is any religion that would cope with modern scientific needs it would be Buddhism." -Albert Einstein
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