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Mayor Goldie Wilson II

Welcome to the CIty of Hill Valley- A nice place to live. I am Mayor Goldie Wilson II. I was inspired by my father to become the Mayor in Hill Valley. I hope to carry on his legacy and preach what he and I believe in: "Honesty, Decency & Integrity."~ "Mayor, I love the sound of that!"

Hill Valley is located about 12 miles east of Grass Valley in Nevada County in Northern California. It is nestled in rolling foothills (as seen in part III). Hill Valley's climate is more or less a Mediterranean type. The temperature generally varies a lot during night and day. It could go up to as high as 90
°F during day time in the summer and drop to as low as 50°F at night.
Real location of Hill Valley (12 miles east of Grass Valley)

Real Hill Valley Location

Summer is dry and hot and winter is cold and wet. Snow also occurs from time to time and some lakes nearby will freeze over in the winter. There is also a desert within walking distance of the town.

Hill Valley was first settled around 1850 and it became a city in 1865. By 1885 railroads had reached many areas of Hill Valley and lots of people started moving in and settling down. Our famous courthouse began its construction in 1885. It later became a symbol of Hill Valley.

Hill Valley was in its prime in 1950's when American culture was blooming. Beautiful grassy lawn, several canons and a memorial plaque dedicated to World War I were all located right in front of the courthouse. Many stores and business were also located in the courthouse square, including Roy's Records, Ask Mr. Foster Travel Service, Essex Theater, Texaco gas station and many more. Lou's Cafe is a popular place for teenagers to hang out during the 50's.
By 1985 you could witness a decline in Hill Valley. Many shops in Courthouse Square were relocated to Twin Pines Mall and the Square was full of adult bookstore, XXX movie theater and second hand or pawn shops.

Photos of Hill Valley Throughout the Years
*Some photos are courtesy of Mr. Biscuit (Flickr photos)* http://www.flickr.com/photos/misterbiscuit/

The Courthouse was served as department of social service. Hill Valley 1985 just wasn't as glorious as the 50's.

By 2015 the Courthouse is converted to a mall with beautiful grassy lawn and a lake located right in front it. Business has returned to the Square and finally the Courthouse Square regains its brilliance.

However our infamous resident, Biff Tannen stole the time machine in 2015 and went back to 1955 to give Grays Sports Almanac to his 1955 counterpart. The result was disastrous because Biff had become incredibly wealthy and powerful thus creating an "Alternate 1985." The Courthouse was converted to a Casino. The Square was full of adult stores and crazy bikers. Hill Valley was at its worst time in history.
History of Courthouse Square in Universal Studios Hollywood
Courthouse Square is located in the Backlot of Universal Studios Hollywood. Prior to Back to the future the Courthouse Square was known as the Mockingbird Square (because of the movie, "To Kill a Mockingbird" ) before Back to the future made it famous. Numerous movies and productions were filmed here at this square since 1940s. Below is the list of productions that used Courthouse Square in the backlot:

Historical Photos of Courthouse Square
*Photos are courtesy of http://www.retroweb.com/ - A Studio Backlot website*


Photos of Productions That Used Courthouse Square

***Please keep in mind that the Courthouse Square in BTTF Part III was filmed in Sonora in Northern California, NOT Universal Studios Hollywood.***
Fires at Courthouse Square

Photos of Fires at Courthouse Square
*Some photos are courtesy of bttf.com & thestudiotour.com*

Since 1932 Universal Studios Hollywood has had many fires that occurred in the Backlot. Courthouse Square had 3 major fires: 1990, 1997 & 2008.

On November 6th 1990 a fire was started by a security guard's cigarette lighter. It destroyed everything except the Courthouse itself and the buildings on its right side.

On September 6th 1997 another fire was set off by some chemicals due to improper storage and it destroyed the north side of Courthouse Square. Luckily the Courthouse was spared.

Lastly a devastating fire occurred on June 1st 2008 and it destroyed a huge section of Backlot. Except the northern side and the Courthouse (again it was spared), the fire destroyed everything including King Kong soundstage, New York Street, New England Street and video vault. The fire was started accidentally by blowtorch used by workers. Water pressure problem was also to blame for the quick fire spread. It took 400 fire fighters nearly 17 hours to put out the fire.
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